Yoga Art Design has a wide range of products, namely:
Batik striated
Striated Batik Gradation
Striated Painting
Tenun Seser Batik
Tenun Seser Colet
Tenun Jaguard
Tenun Dobby Seser
Fashion Lurik
Batik Fashion Lurik
Fashion Dobby Seser
Pasmina Tenun Lukis
Accesories Lurik
■■ Pillow Chair
■■ Floor Pillow
■■ Bantal Mobil
■■ Bed Cover
■■ Gorden
■■ Laws
■■ Triangle Cushions
■■ Corporate Pillow
■■ Gloves Guling
■■ Sarung Tissue
■■ Silicone SBK
■■ Stick
■■ Tasel
■■ Cathok
■■ Penthol
■■ The rope curtain
■■ Dining Table cloth
■■ Close Refrigerator
■■ Hold Ctrl and Magic Com
■■ Close Galon

All striated available in Yoga Art Design is made traditionally using manual ATBM (Not Weaving Machine Tools).