Yoga Art Design has a wide range of products, namely:
Batik striated
Striated Batik Gradation
Striated Painting
Tenun Seser Batik
Tenun Jaguard
Tenun Dobby Seser
Fashion Lurik
Batik Fashion Lurik
Fashion Dobby Seser
Pasmina Tenun Lukis
Accesories Lurik
■■ Pillow Chair
■■ Floor Pillow
■■ Bantal Mobil
■■ Bed Cover
■■ Gorden
■■ Laws
■■ Triangle Cushions
■■ Corporate Pillow
■■ Gloves Guling
■■ Sarung Tissue
■■ Silicone SBK
■■ Stick
■■ Tasel
■■ Cathok
■■ Penthol
■■ The rope curtain
■■ Dining Table cloth
■■ Close Refrigerator
■■ Hold Ctrl and Magic Com
■■ Close Galon

All striated available in Yoga Art Design is made traditionally using manual ATBM (Not Weaving Machine Tools).