Yoga Art Design is the art of business culture Traditional Weaving the manual way (ATBM) Not Weaving Machine Tools. Founded on 22 December 2003 by KRT Sandiyo, SE, MM. Yoga Art Design which is under the banner of CV. YOGA at Jl Pratama Mandiri. Delanggu Raya Km 2,5 No.68, Kepoh, Bowan, Delanggu, Klaten.

Here are your company's data CV. YOGA PRATAMA MANDIRI:

SIUP: 503.6/092/PK/2009
TDI : 503.5/028/TDI/2010
HO :  503.1/156/2009
Lingk Agency. Life :  660.3/217/22

Yoga Art Design manufactures various types of traditional weaving, namely:
Batik striated
Fashion Lurik
Batik Fashion Lurik
Accesories Lurik

Here are the benefits of Yoga Art Design:
1. Its products Unique
2. Cultural nuances
3. Good MFI
4. Many Awards And Achievements
5. Featured County Government & Province
6. Often Representing National Level Event
7. Until the High Competitive Entry Into Presidential Upakarti
8. His work Escaped Entrance Into the World Level Certification In the Unesco Award For
9. Based Creative Industry Along With Government Program.

Phone 1:(0272) 554366

Phone 2:(0272) 551866

Fax: (0272) 554366

HP: 085727779622 (Bp Sandiyo) / 0858 67993730 (Ibu Eni Vidyaningsih)